Back to Rhythm & Love Volume 1

Kenny J.

Release date July 10, 2024

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Get to know Kenny J.

Kenny J. Wilkins was born in the small Northern New Jersey town of Englewood. He and his family were consistent church attendees. His father was a church musician.

Kenny can’t remember music not being a part of his life. His father’s influence along with other musicians and God's gift helped develop his passion for music. Kenny’s start in music began at 5 yrs old. In church you’d see him strumming an acoustic guitar when the music was playing, but after the music stopped and preaching began, he would fall asleep.

Englewood is filled with well-known talent from Silvia Robinson to Dizzy Gillespie. It was with these influences, along with others that piqued Kenny’s interest in music more. His start in music production began in the early 90’s, it was by this time he was playing multiple instruments. From drums, keyboard, organ, bass guitar and that guitar that was his sleeping pill on Sunday mornings when the preacher would preach, was my thing.

By the mid 90’s Kenny had produced and been a part of countless projects from Hip hop, R&B, Latin and Gospel music. He had also graduated then and went on to study music technology at The Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan. Upon finishing the program among other freelance projects, he felt he was ready to proceed with his career.

He is not only a former member of the group RIFF, he is also a Producer, Writer, Engineer and Solo Artist. Kenny is currently working on projects for himself and others. He has a love of music of all genres and believes music is an expression of the heart and to pigeonhole it to only one specific genre seems incomplete. Every skill he has contributes to being free to express himself with what he hears. Whether he is writing for a project; music or lyrics that’s his approach. If the message is clear and it’s pointing to a positive perspective, Kenny is staying true to the muse.

Most recently Kenny released his single Love Is All We Need that can be found on all streaming platforms, we live in a world that needs more love and positivity.

Stay tuned, Kenny has more to come in 2024, his first single of the year "You're a Woman" was released on International Women's Day March 8, and on July 10th he released his EP Back to Rhythm & Love Volume 1 just in time for the summer and currently working on a fashion line to debut later in the year. 

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Back to Rhythm & Love Volume 1

July 10, 2024


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